Useful Information about Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing)

Portable Appliance Testing (sometimes known as PAT or PAT Testing) is the name given to a process of checking electrical appliances are safe to be used.

The correct term for the process is “in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment” which covers electrical appliances that are portable, stationery, movable, hand-held, IT and fixed. All of which should be checked by your PAT engineer, whether in-house or a contractor.

Whether you have an in-house maintenance person or PAT engineer is up to you, but few small businesses do; most simply contract the work to someone they find on a search engine or through a recommendation.

Any-body that provides electrical appliances to be used by a workforce, customers, residents, guests, pupils and other users must ensure those appliances maintain a safe working order (let’s assume that you are the provider) – so by any appropriate means you will need to maintain appliances and keep records to support such measures.

Many that provide the appliances get them tested by a competent person, who provides such records, because it is regarded as a sensible measure and the easiest method for complying.

The purpose of this site is to try to explain what portable appliance testing is and why it is considered to be an important part of health and safety, and also to try to help you to find the best solution for your business needs when hiring an appropriate person to carry out your appliance testing.

This site attempts to explain why a process of inspecting and testing of electrical equipment, is a sensible precaution to prevent danger from electrical equipment.