The person who does the portable appliance test must have the appropriate knowledge and the right equipment for the task; they should know how to use the equipment and how to interpret the results.

The user of an appliance that has been tested must remember to continue to do their checks even though it has been tested. This is because portable appliance testing can only give an indication of the safety of an appliance at the time of the test and does not imply that the item will be safe for a further period of time.

The appliance should have had a visual inspection before the PAT test is performed; when the PAT test is performed the tests carried out are dependent on the appliance type but general include:

  • Earth continuity Test which is carried out on class I appliances (those that rely on earth for safety)
  • Insulation resistance test on class I and class II appliances with exposed metal parts
  • Polarity tests on earthed leads

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