A common misunderstanding is that appliances that require a portable appliance test must be portable; they don’t – appliances that are too heavy for a person to lift can still be plugged in and some appliances even get secured to walls, yet still require testing.

A portable or movable appliance is any item that can be moved; they’re very similar in the understanding of them. Such items usually have a lead and a plug.

Portable and movable equipment includes amongst others:

  • Electrical equipment that can be easily moved such as kettles, vacuum cleaners, portable heaters, televisions, computers etc.
  • Larger items that could be moved such as photocopiers, water towers, fridges and washing machines
  • Hand-held items such as hairdryers and drills
  • Appliances that fit into the above categories, such as hair-driers in a gym toilet or fridges built into kitchen cupboards that have been wired in (or fixed) but are still considered portable appliances should be tested too but large electrical items such as water boilers and cookers that are wired in as standard so are not considered to be portable equipment and would come under the scope for fixed installation maintenance.
  • Extension and connection leads

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