Visual Inspections by a competent person

You don’t need an electrician to do the visual inspections, but you must be competent; a competent person has the appropriate skills from training, and knowledge to know what to do.

The visual inspection should include the following considerations:

  • Is the equipment being used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions?
  • Is the equipment suitable for the job it is doing?
  • Has the user reported or noticed any issues?

The visual inspection should include opening the plug to check internally:

  • For signs of damage, overheating and water ingress
  • That the correct fuse is in use
  • That the wires are correctly fitted
  • That the screws are secure
  • That the cord grip securely holds the flexible cable
  • That no bare wire is visible other than at the terminals

For sealed plugs only, the outer parts of the plug and the fuse can be checked.

In some circumstances it is not possible to carry out a full visual inspection; in such scenarios the technician should do as much as they can, safely. Such circumstances include:

  • When a computer can’t be switched off
  • When a server system can’t be switched off

It is not recommended for an appliance to never be switched off.


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